3 Tips to Make Money with your Gift

December 10, 2013

euroI often see people who have beautiful talents and powerful gifts and they barely make enough money to pay the bills. I see many people struggle to make ends meet. I know what that’s like. I’ve experienced that too. And there is nothing wrong with investing in your business and not having a lot of money for other things. That’s what my life has looked like for years. But I also know for most people it is taking much longer than is necessary. So that inspired me to write this article. There are often 3 things missing when I see people struggle. Especially spiritual people. That’s why I am sharing these 3 tips with you. So you too can make a living doing what you came here to do.

1. Believe in yourself

I know this may be difficult. Especially if you heard most of your life that something was ‘wrong’ with you. You were probably different than others and your sensitivity set you apart. I, for example, have often heard that I am lazy and weak while I am neither. It is the misunderstanding that arises when most of the world is not as sensitive as we are. They just don’t understand. And that has impacted our self-confidence. If you have little confidence in yourself or what you have to offer it will show. And (potential) clients will pick up on it. For people to want to buy a product or service from you, it is important that they know about it and have a good feeling about it. The more confident you are, the more likely people will believe in the value of what you have to offer and the easier it is for you to talk about it. So step 1 is to start believing in yourself!

2. Get clear on your value

For spiritual people it is often hard to recognize the value of what they have to offer. It is usually not very tangible and comes so natural to them that they don’t even see what they are doing. It is extremely important that you can tell (potential) clients what it is you have to offer and explain why it is valuable to them. So they can decide if it is something they need and are willing to invest in. If the value of your service is not clear, why would someone want to pay for it? So get clear on what the benefits are of your services or products.

3. Charge what you are worth

Many people seem to think that if something is your natural talent that you can’t charge money for it. “It was given to you, so you need to give it away” is their line of thinking. So they don’t charge for their services or charge very little and they have barely enough income to buy healthy food. I disagree. I believe everyone has a certain talent and that is what we are given to make a living. An artist paints pictures, a baker bakes bread or makes delicious pastries. And no one expects them to hand bread or paintings out for free… So no need to give away your service. The hard part is determining what the value of your offering is. As soon as you get clear on that you will start to feel the balance. Because money is energy as well. So get clear on the right price for your service.

Do you want support in implementing these 3 steps?
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