About Iris

iris2016Iris has a background in corporate marketing and an MBA. She combines her business experience and her intuitive insights to help you get the most out of yourself. She is an expert at zeroing in on what is not working or standing in your way to be your best self. Iris facilitates powerful transformations within her clients with her energetic activations, razor sharp intuition and extensive experience.

She is able to cut to the chase and provide you with a wealth of information and laser focused insights in a very short period of time. She sees quickly which steps are needed to create certain changes and provides you with the necessary insights and practical action steps that you can apply right away so you can grow and be your best self. In the past 14 years Iris has already supported many clients to take the next step in their life & business or career. These international clients range from Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs to business managers and teams.

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Through her extensive experience, Iris discovered that we all go through a similar growth process, with 4 different phases. Understanding these 4 phases of growth and which phase you currently land in can make all the difference in your next steps towards success and happiness. Because when you don’t know where you are on your growth curve it’s hard to see which steps will help you move forward and which will keep you running around in circles.

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