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Carriers of Light Mastermind

Raise your vibration and shine more of your light

“Welcome in our midst. It is time to soar. To soar high and continue to uplevel and increase your vibration. These trying times require you to be conscious of where you spend your time and energy, and with whom.

We will provide a space for you to continue to grow and evolve. A place where you can ask questions and be seen and heard. A place where you are safe to share from the heart and connect with others who go through similar growth challenges. A place to celebrate victories and accomplishments and where you will be picked up when you are feeling down.”

"Allow yourself to open up your mind and your heart wide to new opportunities and to new constructs, to new ways."
- The Carriers of Light

I’ve been a part of masterminds since 2012. The combination of professional support combined with sharing my journey with peers has been instrumental to my growth. Last year I felt the nudge to create this Mastermind and I’m excited the Carriers of Light Mastermind is continuing for its second year! ๐Ÿ™‚

It is my intention that this is a safe sacred space for you to grow and be seen. To share, to ask, to heal. Let’s push the envelope to what we can do and be together.

We will be raising your vibration through the channeled messages and healing energy. And we will make sure your (practical) questions will get covered both on the forum and during the live Q&A calls.

The Carriers of Light are in charge of the curriculum so we will allow them to steer us past what needs our attention.

I believe this Mastermind is everything you need to continue your journey and your growth.

If you’re interested you’re welcome to a complimentary call to make sure it’s a mutual fit. Reserve your seat for that free call here


How does it work?

We start in June. This is a one-year program for a small group. The Mastermind is only accessible to (former) private clients, to ensure we are meeting with like-minded souls ๐Ÿ™‚

For the quarterly virtual workshops I’ll select topics that promise to provide the best support at that time.

We meet virtually via ZOOM video and of course you will receive recordings for each call.

You can send in your questions per email if you canโ€™t join a live Q&A call.

When is this happening?

We start in June. The calls are on Tuesday’s at 10am Eastern / 4pm Central European time / 9 pm Indochina time.

All calls are recorded and you can email me your questions when you can’t join a call live. You will receive a detailed schedule of call dates when you register.

Client Testimonial

Shelly Byrne
Covington, KY, USA - Earth Joy

I especially loved the Clarity Circe. The consistent group activity kept my frequency high and is a great part of self-care. It is so helpful and powerful to be on the call together. It helps you move faster. Iris gives great tips you can implement immediately. And things she told others were very helpful to me! Iris is very giving with pure loving energy. You know she is taking care of herself so all you need to do is show up and receive. Working with Iris has amped up everything! I would highly recommend her!

Pay in 12 monthly installments
  • Monthly one-hour Live Channel *
  • Monthly one-hour Q&A call *
  • Private online forum with 24/7 access
  • 3 quarterly three-hour virtual retreats
Pay in full
  • Monthly one-hour Live Channel *
  • Monthly one-hour Q&A call *
  • Private online forum with 24/7 access
  • 3 quarterly three-hour virtual retreats
  • BONUS: 30-minute private session
  • SAVE โ‚ฌ267

* There are no live calls in August. I recommend you take time off during the summer as part of balanced self-care as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course the forum will remain open and I will provide inspiration for August.

Carriers of Light Mastermind

This is a one-year program for a small group (invite-only).

We start in June

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