How to Have All the Energy You Need to Live a Life You Love


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Here are the exercises per chapter:

All the guided activations mentioned in RADIANT are available (for free) at my teacher profile on Insight Timer. This is the world’s largest free meditation app. Below you will find a direct link to the right meditation per chapter.


CHAPTER 4: The Foundation – Grounding

Grounding Activation

Daily Energy Inventory

A powerful tool to monitor your energy and get a grasp on what drains you and what gives you energy, so you can have more energy to enjoy life.

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CHAPTER 6: Immediate Energy Boosts & Quick Fixes

Guided Activation to Call Your Energy Back

Relaxing Meditation [still to be recorded]


CHAPTER 11: Surviving the Holidays

Guided Visualization to Cleanse Your Energy Field (Energy Cleansing waterfall)


CHAPTER 12: Supporting Your Energetic Body

Guided Visualization to Cleanse Your Energy Field (Energy Cleansing waterfall)

Guided Activation to Call Your Energy Back


CHAPTER 18: The Danger of Pushing Through

Guided Activation to Release What No Longer Serves You


CHAPTER 19: The Effect of Your Emotions

Grounding Exercise Open Your Heart

Guided Activation to Open Your Heart and Allow More Love In


CHAPTER 23: Working from Home

Get Centered – Mini Meditation


CHAPTER 24: The Power of Gratitude

Guided Activation to Start Your Day with Gratitude



Here are your next steps to take things a level deeper

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