Book Launch Poisoned Arrow


How long did this project take?

I went a bit long in my answer 😉 and also shared more about how the idea to write Poisoned Arrow came to me!

Did you do a lot of research for the herbs and colors you used in the book?

Was it difficult to structure the different timelines and how did you keep track?

Did writing give you energy or was it hard to sit down and start writing again?

What was the hardest scene to write?

How did you create the world of this book?

I share how I went about world building, and what I learned about doing that ‘right’.

How was it to write some of the 'bad' stuff that happens in the book, and to have really cruel characters?

Oh this is where you’ll find out I’m not a saint!

Are there characters you're particularly fond of?

Find out who I would marry in a heartbeat 😉 and why the main character is named Iris.

Will you look at the reviews for your book?

Did you edit characters or situations out of the story?

I’m not telling, I’m not telling!

Iris reads the first chapter

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