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A one-day workshop by image consultant Ginger Burr & intuitive mentor & healer Iris van Ooyen

It’s not always easy to be fully yourself and shine from the inside out. Let alone all the thoughts we have about our appearance. It’s easy to find something wrong with how we look. And the less confident or radiant we feel, the less powerful and present we are.

When we don’t feel pretty, we often tone ourselves and our unique beauty down.

In this workshop we will look at both the inner and the outer aspects of looking great.

Because being attractive has nothing to do with the right cheekbones and everything with how we feel about who we are, and what we do with what we have.

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Morning Program

We will start by setting intentions for this day—a powerful practice in itself. Followed by an energetic activation. This guided visualization will be especially atuned to the participants and is unique every time—ensuring the energy supports every person.

Iris will help you get clear on the #1 obstacle or barrier that is preventing you from shining fully from the inside out. This could be a fear, an underlying belief, a past experience, or something else entirely. If something undermines your confidence or makes you hold back you automatically shrink and express less than your full self.

And both Ginger and Iris want you to be fully radiant!

They believe you have something valuable and unique to offer to this world, and the more you shine the more successful you’ll be in achieving your dreams.

Iris will tune in for each participant—something she has been doing for over 12 years for her individual clients. We’ve all adopted certain behaviors and beliefs and when you’re not clear on what these are they’ll impact you and how you feel. By getting clear on what stops you from showing up fully or as radiant as you could possibly be, you take the first step in transformation. Iris will show you what you can do to shift and let go of what no longer serves you.

Iris knows the impact of toning yourself down first-hand. Not only is holding yourself back not serving you, it takes a lot of energy that can be used elsewhere!

The beauty is that each participant benefits from all interactions, even when Iris is speaking to someone else—as there is usually an underlying theme that applies to everyone.

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We’ll take a moment to relax while we enjoy a lovely lunch together. You get to choose what your heart desires and everything is prepared fresh especially for you. Breaking bread is a great time to get to know one another even further. And there will be time for a short walk to the ocean front (only one block away) if you so choose.

Afternoon Program

Ginger will address how to create a personal style you love. The choices you make every day for your clothing, accessories, hair and make-up are just that…personal. That’s why finding the right ‘fit’ for your personal style is critical to feeling radiant and confident.

Of course, once you feel confident on the inside learning to reflect that on the outside ‘super powers’ your self-confidence! That’s why in the afternoon session Ginger will address:

Part of the reason that Iris and Ginger make such an empowering team is that they both understand the importance of addressing what’s going on on the inside first. Ginger is a firm believer in reflecting who you are on the inside through the wardrobe and style choices you make. When you begin to align your inner beauty with what you choose to wear, magic happens. Learning a systematic strategy and getting answers to your pressing style questions will add the finishing touches on this powerful day.

“I apply what I've learned every day of my life!” — Sue

This workshop is where you can begin (or continue) your personal style journey.

To gain the most value from this experience, Ginger encourages you to bring a few items (clothing, accessories or both) about which you have questions. This allows you to begin immediately to take the information learned throughout the day and apply it with personal success (yay!).

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Location & date

This unique one-day workshop will be held on Friday October 19th. Our lovely location is one block from the ocean in the historic Diamond District of Lynn (about 30 minutes north-east of Boston).

The workshop starts at 9.30 am and we’ll wrap up around 5.15 – 5.30 pm

There is free parking nearby.

Get your seat now

This one-day workshop is happening on Friday October 19th. Due to the intimate nature of this event there are only 15 seats available. As a bonus you will receive a hand-signed copy of Iris's brand-new novel Poisoned Arrow and Ginger's book That's So You.

This special Early Bird price reflects a $100 OFF and ends September 20th!

About Ginger & Iris

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They met in a mastermind in New York where they got to know each other really well during the quarterly in-person events. They took an instant liking to each other, and a great appreciation for each other’s work and expertise. Since then they co-hosted several calls and have been guest experts for their respective programs. The idea to host this workshop together was born from a combination of fun and enthusiasm, paired with their desire to let women shine and fully do what they came here to do. Plus they believe in a healthy balance between the inner and the outer, hence: SHINE was born!

What this workshop will bring you,
after this day you will know:

More about workshop host Iris


Iris van Ooyen is a firm believer in combining the inner and the outer, the spiritual and the practical. Life is about balance—a balance that suits who you truly are. There are a lot of theories out there, and most of them work. The hard part is figuring out what works for you!

Thanks to Iris her intuitive abilities she can go straight to the core of what is preventing you from shining fully, and by immediately applying healing energy you will make deep and lasting shifts.

Her clients—including Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs to business managers and teams—praise her ability to quickly zero in on what is not working and facilitate energetic transformations that carry over into all aspects of life and work.

More about workshop host Ginger


Creating a wardrobe and personal style you love begins with a longing for ease and beauty (your definition of beauty) every time you get dressed. Ginger Burr founded Total Image Consultants with the heartfelt belief that whether you are 25 or 85, you deserve to feel radiant and pulled-together every time you get dressed. Her work has reached women from all walks of life who long to connect with their inner essence to create a wardrobe they love.

Ginger’s adroit understanding of beauty trends and fashion has been celebrated by Fox TV News, The Boston Globe, MORE,, Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes Magazine, and Worth Magazine.

Get your seat here now

This one-day workshop is happening on Friday October 19th. Due to the intimate nature of this event there are only 15 seats available. As a bonus you will receive a hand-signed copy of Iris's brand-new novel Poisoned Arrow and Ginger's book That's So You.

This special Early Bird price reflects a $100 OFF and ends September 20th!

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