The Gratitude Project

raise your vibration and have more flow, joy and abundance

Embrace an attitude of gratitude and feel much better as a result. Participants rave about the powerful effects this project has had. You'll get a powerful tool to switch your focus from negative to positive and feel calmer and less stressed.

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Release the past

Reframe Your Life Virtual Retreat

Use all of your energy to create magic—now

This retreat helps you understand how hurtful events were part of your original plan (no matter how painful they were…)—and how they contributed to your soul’s path. You will get to see your life from a helicopter view perspective so things can fall into place like never before. You'll walk away feeling lighter, more confident and at ease. More at home in yourself and with your life.

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Carolyn Herfurth - Founder of TheBizTruth.Com
Make your inner work easy!

21-Day activation

for more​ energy & less stress

SWEET POWER™ Activations are a hip new way to give your brain the gorgeous, powerful meditative space it needs. But this isn’t just a bunch of ohms and ahs: every activation contains a practical focus, where we’ll walk through a guided visualization on a different topic every day, so your body, mind and soul all get the attention they need—and you raise your vibration to the sky. You can be anywhere, anytime, and just pop an earbud into your ear for a quick energy reboot, instantly.

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Energy Management

for sensitive souls

A one-part philosophy, one-part program, and one-part daily practice that ​will​ ​help​ ​you grow​ ​your​ ​career​ ​without​ ​all​ ​the​ ​energy-drain​ ​or​ ​exhaustion—and​ ​still​ ​have plenty​ ​left​ ​over​ ​to​ ​enjoy​ ​your​ ​personal​ ​life​ and feel good.

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Get back to yourself

Soul Facet Change

Online Workshop

Right now the energy is changing so much that many of us are stepping forward into a new phase of their life. In order to have access to all the qualities you need for this new phase your soul is going through a ‘facet change’. This can be very confusing because things that used to work no longer feel right and your preferences shift. This 2-hour online workshop makes that 'facet change' easier, quicker and less painful. You'll get immediate access for only $99!

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