“Iris is able to coach to a depth that only few are capable of. She helped me run my business even more from who I truly am. Thanks to her support I trust my intuition more which spontaneously led to the creation of beautiful new things. I am able to stand taller, dare to set clearer boundaries and I feel happier, lighter, more powerful and free. So grateful our paths crossed. TOPCOACHING between heaven and earth!”

Sabine van Meenen, Knokke, Belgium, www.sabinevanmeenen.be

Iris nailed it every time. The first thing that comes out of her mouth is exactly what I need to hear. In our session together I got great clarity about what I needed to do. She opened my eyes, I was really buzzing and have been buzzing ever since. This has created a new level of motivation and drive. Thanks for your intuition Iris – I appreciate it. It’s extremely valuable.

Mark Sutherland, coach to 2 Olympic & 9 world champions, Cambridge, New Zealand, www.thegoldmedalzone.com
“The session with Iris was wonderful! The luxury of spending 2 hours fully in the energy of my business is so helpful, because my thoughts and feelings create my words and actions (as well as inaction!), so the inner piece is critical in order to get to the root of my business results. Iris shares her insights straight on, in a compassionate and loving way. Part of me wondered if my feelings would be hurt by something sensitive that might come up: No. Everything was totally in the space of: “Here’s where you are on your journey and here’s a shift available to you NOW that will create a more joyful and glorious experience!”

I felt safe, loved and expanded. I had a big smile on my face the whole time. I received very clear guidance on my next steps to crack open my shell of old limiting beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving me. This will allow me to experience a whole new phase of personal and business growth! The areas we touched on included my marketing, clients, creativity and romance. I can’t wait to see what happens next! I absolutely recommend Iris! I received valuable insights and new ideas. Thank you Iris for a GREAT session. I’m looking forward to a next phase that’s easier, more satisfying, and where I have more impact on my clients, friends and family!”

Marcy Stahl, Rolesville, NC, USA, www.marcystahl.com

Iris, thank you for your feedback and visions! What you do is an important, ground-breaking and interesting addition to the repertory of means that nowadays leaders can and should work with!

Jim, Gouda, The Netherlands
“Iris is not only my very dear and close friend; she’s also my number one go-to-gal whenever I need help to make a quick decision or get absolute clarity on my best next course of action. She doesn’t need a long story or even have to know what my exact question is. She simply tunes in and can tell me something within 2 minutes that’s exactly what I need to hear to be able to move on.

It is Iris’ gift to be able to read, guide and interpret energy at lightning speed and with stunning accuracy. It doesn’t matter whether your question is business related or personal: her magic works always, on every topic. I highly recommend working with her! Those who are willing to dive deep and act upon the insights Iris gives you can get stunning results in no time at all!”

Brigitte van Tuijl, Leiden, The Netherlands, www.thehappyhermit.com
“Working with Iris was a big adventure. I knew this was what I needed to get to a next level. It’s not that I was unhappy about my life or my work, but I knew there was more than was currently visible. I’ve been able to take huge steps thanks to Iris. She is able to work on layers that you cannot access yourself. After each session I experience a shift that continues to have its effects. Iris is extremely intuitive, razor sharp in her observations and very plugged in. She can clearly articulate what is needed right now. I don’t know anyone who can get to the core of things as fast as she can and who can so clearly show where things are off. The new energy is flowing, it’s like a ‘new me’ woke up. Thank you so much Iris!”
Myrtle Vos, Hillegom, The Netherlands, www.flowmotion.nu

Iris will gently, but firmly challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and be more of who you are. She has been instrumental in helping me grow.

Louanne Howard, Georgia, USA, www.transformationalredesign.com
“The bi-weekly individual session with Iris brings me focus and clarity in my entrepreneurship. Every session is to-the-point and gets to the essence of things quickly. We work on exactly those themes which generate breakthroughs to fully create my business. Iris supports me by connecting to a deep source of wisdom to generate insights that inspire me to take action. Because we both communicate via Skype, each coaching session is time-effective; we save travel time and costs. Her way of coaching is absolutely worth the investment.”
Huub Glas, Helvoirt, The Netherlands , www.7deugden.nl

Thanks to this program with Iris I have more energy and feel much more confident. And there is a deeper acceptance of myself.

Shelly Byrne, Covington, KY, USA, www.climbtreeswithearthjoy.com

“I’ve obtained my license as a coach in 2009 and wanted to start my own coaching practice, but was afraid to take the step. I was looking for support in starting my practice and going beyond the fears and insecurities. This program with Iris really helped me take those steps. I have now registered my business and am building my practice!

This program has been very valuable! I have received tools to deal with my fear and doubt. I perceive it as new energy that I’m getting. I have much more self confidence and I have the courage to share what I do and really stand tall. This feels so good!

I feel much better overall. It is also much easier to listen to my intuition. I know where my boundaries are and when I am overstepping them. And I really stand in my power more often. I now stand in my power 60% of the time, being able to shine and that used to be only 10%. Furthermore, I am much clearer in my contact with people, I let them see who I am and what I think. I no longer try to fit in immediately.

I am able to relax more and be calm and peaceful. As a result I sleep better. And I have more energy now and am aware when it leaks away. I also take time for myself. Even my health has improved and I can enjoy the simple things in life again. I have also become more loving towards others.

Iris lets you be yourself. She stays calm and doesn’t judge you. She fosters confidence; I can really show myself with her. She gives you the impulse and insights to look and go further and to take steps.

I can highly recommend this program! Something very essential has happened with me! I now have the strength and the courage to take steps for myself.”

Gerardina Keijzer, Amstelveen, The Netherlands , www.kristalkracht.nl

Working with Iris accelerates the proces of becoming wise.

Joost, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

“Iris has great insight and a unique energy. Clarity is only one of the many gifts you will receive from Iris. She works on many levels and is able to zero in on what is important in order for you to move forward. Iris graciously holds the space for you to heal and to grow and step into your own power and potency. My attitude has changed from sad and forlorn to happy, from confusion to clarity. She will gently, but firmly challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and be more of who you are and to let your light shine brightly. Iris delivers all that she promises and more. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Iris. She has been instrumental in helping me grow and allowing my light to shine brightly. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Iris.”
Louanne Howard , Georgia, USA, www.transformationalredesign.com
“Iris, thank you for your feedback and visions! What you do is an important, ground-breaking and interesting addition to the repertory of means that nowadays leaders can and should work with. It has strengthened me personally and it quickly gets to the core of the topics that engage me. It also helps to easily bring together different lifelines, both where it concerns my own desires as well as what I can do for others and contribute to organizations.”
Jim, Gouda, The Netherlands

Man oh man Iris is good, She immediately puts her finger on the sore spot!

Judith Makkenze, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, www.glasvormen.nl
“The program with Iris has given me powerful and valuable insights. Thanks to these session I can sense the movement in the energy and ensure that things will get in the flow again. I feel a little upgraded after each session.

The most powerful results from my program are:

  • I am more aware of being grounded, and am able to return to how I am grounded in a natural way. It is like drinking water when you are thirsty. It’s not something you consciously do, but it comes from deep inside you; from a need. It is a great fit with the upgrade of my daily ‘maintenance’. I stand taller and because of that it is easier to stay in the flow of the moment.
  • I am more aware of the connection I have with my surroundings. I can clearly feel the signals from my intuition, with more detail and sharper. That is so great to notice!
  • I am better at tuning in to a situation and in learning to in tune to what the situation needs in that moment. I have become more subtle in managing the energy.

Despite all the busyness in my life (becoming a dad for the first time, bought a home, new projects and getting my doctorate) I can be more present in conversations and have a better feel for the energy matrix. I have noticed that my effectiveness has increased! I have really taken a big step in presenting and sharing things. It really gives a kick to do much with little words! I can now consciously add intensity to words and make room for others to let the energy do its work: this made me more effective.

It stimulates me to continue with my development. The sessions don’t add to the pressure (which I was afraid of beforehand because of my full schedule) but I see it as added value! I can see that it really does a lot, I have a constant smile on my face during the sessions. I was able to beautifully weave the process of becoming a dad with this. Iris is able to truly undergo the lessons and experiences with me, which activates something on a deep level and realizes improvements. The discussions are not only very interesting but also so valuable that I decided to continue working with her.”

Joost, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Since a few years my practice and company have grown a lot. That has it positive sides but quickly I learned that it cost me a lot of energy. I wanted to learn how to use my energy in such a way that I would no longer be exhausted by the time I went to bed. The program was really diverse and positive. The calls with Iris were very welcome and after each session I had a lot more energy. She also gave me a lot of practical tools to use and to change my habits.

The practical insights were very valuable; Iris is not only a coach and mentor, but she is also a successful business woman and so she was able to give me useful advice on how to run my business in addition to the exercises and tools. That was a great combination for me. Thanks to this program I have become calmer and I have more faith in that things will turn out well. I am seeing less patients so I can focus all my attention and time on the people I am treating. And I am working on e-courses for those who I can’t help in my practice.

Thanks to Iris and another coach I have finally raised my prices so they now represent a value that is a match for my experience and expertise. I am better able to listen to my intuition and can now stop when I am tired. In the past I used to keep going until something was done. I also take more time for myself.

I have become more confident about my services. I am also able to say no with more ease, instead of postponing the decision. I have decided to start seeing even less patients, maximum 3-5 per week, and Iris helped me see that was possible and ‘allowed’. She also helped me to stay open to the success of a new e-course, instead of playing it small. I highly recommend working with Iris to anyone who wants to have more insights into their own behavior regarding energy and sensitivity. Iris is spiritual in a down-to-earth way. Which is great for people like me, who don’t feel like ‘talking’ too much about spirituality but feel there is something there.

Nienke Tode-Gottenbos, Tienhoven, The Netherlands, www.groenevrouw.nl
“I started this program with Iris because I wanted to be able to say ‘no’ with a loving heart and have boundaries in place. And I wanted to have the energy to enjoy my days off. I was depleted after working with clients and I wanted to change that. I often felt like I was in a rat-race and something needed to shift. I also wanted more guidance from spirit. I had trouble getting focused and clear.

Thanks to this program with Iris I am able to embrace my sensitivity and there is a deeper acceptance of myself. I have more energy and feel much more confident. I have been able to let go of a lot of things and we have done profound healing. There is a peacefulness in me now. It is also much easier for me to ground and to be aware of that. It is much easier for me to get centered in the middle of turmoil.

Thanks to working with Iris my sensitivity is no longer holding me back, I now see it more as my strength. I am more connected to my spirituality and my gifts and that keeps me on track and focused (I am no longer scattered). I can now choose to pick up on energies and respond rather than react. And I now know that I am not responsible for other people’s happiness. There is a new balance between their needs and my needs, even when they are a customer. So I now create my schedule in a way that serves me too. I am more focused and present for my life and others. And my energy is more balanced and stable.

And what I really love is that I now believe in magic again! Miraculous things have happened along the way! Some of the biggest changes are that I can now set energetic boundaries in my life and my business. I am  no longer giving away my money, energy and power when I don’t want to. And I am taking more time for myself. I feel more solid and clear.

I am making room for creative ideas again, which I love! And perhaps the biggest shift: I am no longer afraid to go bigger. I am so excited! I feel great, Iris you’ve amped up everything! I would highly recommend Iris!”

Shelly Byrne, Covington, KY, USA , www.climbtreeswithearthjoy.com
“I now dare to stand up (and out) and claim who I am and what I represent. That really gives me a lot of strength. I can see a clear difference in several areas thanks to following this program:

  • This program has really given me a lot more self-confidence, I stand much stronger!
  • My energy level has gone up a lot; I have at least 75% more energy now!
  • I am better able to deal with clients; I don’t ‘have’ to serve everyone that comes to my practice, I get to decide who I can and want to help.
  • Because I have more confidence and stand in my own power I feel much better about myself! (+75%)
  • A lot of new opportunities have come up; I started to look at my business and what I do with different eyes and that really helped me along.
  • I have become more loving in how I relate to and deal with other people.
  • I feel much more freedom in my private life and in my practice, and I notice that it feels really great! This gives me so much peace and space.

What I find very special about this program is the ‘invisible’ part. I know that there is a lot going on that I cannot yet fully see… It is really a personal process, manifesting who I truly am!

It is great to have my personal coach. Someone that makes you broaden your vision and makes you see things from a different perspective. That really helps and strengthens me! I am truly grateful for that. And I decided to continue working with Iris after this program, just to make sure that I won’t get stuck and will stay open and really get the best out of life! I can highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to get more out of their life and out of their business!”

Ingrid Wester, Rotterdam, The Netherlands , www.praktijkjofiele.nl

“I have chosen to do this program with Iris because I wanted to put things in motion for myself and my business, and I wanted to invite assistance from ‘the other world’. This program was very stimulating and constructive for me. It covered very essential things. It was very pleasant and reassuring, and I really feel very supported and well coached by Iris. The different exercises and drawing attention to experiences and sensing things was very valuable to me.

My self confidence has really grown because of this process and that gives me a sense of calm and certainty. It also helped me to focus more and get into action.

Specific results are:

  • I have more self confidence and can feel that I stand taller
  • I feel more peace and calm
  • I have more energy and am better able to set and guard my boundaries
  • I can better listen to my intuition and deal with my sensitivity
  • I have more insight into what I am here to do
  • I can feel that I am more radiant and stand in my power!

I can certainly recommend this program! I am happy that I can use Iris’ services longer by doing a follow-up program. :-)”

Marjanne Simoons, Epse , The Netherlands , www.marjannesimoons.nl
“During our session, Iris brought my energy to such a grounded and open place, and offered really deep insights both into the big picture of my life and also specific business issues that I was struggling with. After our session, I faced a very difficult situation (letting go of a client), and it was amazing. I was able to refer this client out and still support her and give her lots of ideas from a totally loving place. Afterwards I felt just as good as I had during my session with Iris, because I was still speaking from my heart and speaking my truth. It felt so good! I was expecting this conversation with my client to be really confrontational, to pull me out of the good place I was in, and to leave me feeling miserable, but instead I just carried myself through it without my energy getting pulled down.

I was so impressed by how the energy shift I experienced during our session extended out into my life in this way. Iris offers her clients a very unique combination of discerning soul insight with her own expanding prosperity consciousness. A lot of people only offer one or the other, which makes Iris’s work even more unique and precious. I feel completely safe with her and recommend her highly!!”

Rebecca Zook, Arlington, VA, USA

Are you looking to change things in your life or business and do these results speak to you? Then you are warmly invited to apply for a complimentary Clarity Session with me.