A Very Personal Story

May 7, 2019

Today I am sharing a very personal story with you—one that only a handful of people know…

I’ve been struggling with my health since I was eighteen. It started with mononucleosis and since then my liver has never been fully healthy. Resulting in hypoglycemia (which I healed!) and then several years later I discovered I had an autoimmune disease.

Getting the diagnosis was a relief at first. Finally things made sense. I wasn’t imagining my problems: there was a real physical reason for being tired All The Time.

I had to take naps in the afternoon to have enough energy to eat my dinner—that’s how exhausted I was. My brain often felt fried and I didn’t feel very productive. I never got enough done. And in the weekend I needed to rest and recharge. I had no energy left to do fun stuff with friends or loved ones.

Because I was burned out at the age of 24 I was forced to learn to manage my energy and set healthy boundaries early on. I read everything I could get my hands on when it came to alternative health and healthy food. The first book in a long list was Deepak Chopra’s ‘Perfect Health’.

For over a decade I attended various healing seminars, was trained in state-of-the art healing modalities, and I visited a long list of national and international naturopaths and healers.

Whenever my health took a nosedive these insights and tools helped me survive. I knew exactly how to squeeze the last drop of energy out of my body without getting derailed further.

Then I realized I was highly sensitive, and I had to get a handle on that as well.

Did you know that a lot of highly sensitive people have an autoimmune disease?

As a result I designed my life and work so that I was able to maintain a precarious balance—which meant most of the time my autoimmune disease didn’t flare up. But when I got a cold or was under a lot of stress my body would succumb and all the symptoms would become apparent once more.

For me that meant redness in my face (I hated that so much! All the times people asked me if I had a sunburn…) and extreme exhaustion.

Imagine being awake for 36 hours while travelling. That’s how I felt when I woke up after a full night sleep!

Until I had an epiphany

It finally dawned on me to ask “Why do I have this autoimmune disease?”

I received a two-page-long answer (the perks of being a channel 😉 ) detailing exactly what my autoimmune disease had to teach me and what I could shift.

That’s when EVERYTHING changed

I realized that while I had been so busy getting a grip on my body, mind and emotions, I had forgotten to include my soul. Ironic, right? And I decided that preventing a flare-up most of the time wasn’t good enough—I deserve to be healthy!

Fast forward to today.

I’ve seen dramatic results in my health and well-being. My mind is clearer and my productivity has soared. I also need a lot less sleep! I sleep at least TWO HOURS LESS than I used to (that’s 14 hours extra per week). I now wake up before my alarm goes off.

Not only do I feel physically fitter, I see the effect on my emotional state as well. I don’t have to work as hard to be happy and in the flow. The changes are remarkable and I haven’t felt this good in years—perhaps ever.

One of the things I knew immediately: I must bundle my knowledge and experience to support others with chronic illness. That’s why I created an online program:

Uncover the Gift of Your Chronic Health Problem

and set the stage for healing

Read all about this program here

The missing key in so many healing modalities is forgetting to look at your health from your soul’s perspective. You need to discover the spiritual component of your dis-ease.

If you shift the energy, everything changes

Once you get clear on WHY you are experiencing this dis-ease, you take away the need of your soul to try to get your attention via your physical body.

When we take away this need, we can then activate the healing powers of your body and mind!

This program has four foundational pillars that will help you reclaim your health, your energy and your well-being. It’s a true holistic approach, ensuring that each key component: your body, mind, heart and soul, will get the support it needs to return to balance.

I’ve bundled the insights, tools and experience I’ve gathered and created over the last twenty+ years of my personal healing journey and combined that with my professional abilities to channel intuitive insights, guide people through powerful energetic transformations, and facilitate deep healing.

Get your seat now!

I can’t wait to start this healing journey together!

With love,

PS If you’re blessed with vibrant health, chances are you know someone who is struggling with their energy or well-being. I know I would have loved to have these insights years ago. Please forward this information to them: http://reclaimyourenergy.nl

PPS Get your seat here now or read more

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